New Year’s in Taiwan

I spent a week traveling, hiking, and eating my way through Taiwan.

Playing Catch-up

Did some hiking, went to a kpop concert, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a hodgepodge of other things happened.

Bamboo Wonderland

My school has their annual showcase, I get a tour of a city famous for bamboo by a local, and we have our Fulbright ETA Fall Conference.

Chuseok Break

I spend a busy Chuseok with my host family cooking and meeting relatives, then I go on a quick, culture-filled tour of Eastern South Korea.

And the Teaching Begins!

I finally get to meet my students and start my teaching adventure! šŸ™‚
(PS – that picture is the USA as a whale. My students drew it because they think America is shaped like a whale, haha)

Seoul Weekend!

Busy week including our graduation ceremony, weekend trip to Seoul, and a little down time with some face masks!

24 Hours at a Buddhist Temple

Wow, lots has happened since my last update! Literally 2 hours after I made my last post, my class found out that our teacher was leaving us – so sad!! We had a class dinner and she broke the news to us. We had been told that two of theĀ ģ„ ģƒė‹˜ would be leaving due to…

Cooking in Cheongju

What better way to celebrate the end of midterms than by cooking your cares away?