And That’s a Wrap

A compilation of the rest of my adventures from the last few months of school before summer vacation. Too many adventures included to even begin listing in this excerpt!

“March”ing into the New School Year

Quick recap on all of the adventures from March and April. Spoiler alert: this one’s a long one!

Playing Catch-up

Did some hiking, went to a kpop concert, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a hodgepodge of other things happened.

Bamboo Wonderland

My school has their annual showcase, I get a tour of a city famous for bamboo by a local, and we have our Fulbright ETA Fall Conference.

Chuseok Break

I spend a busy Chuseok with my host family cooking and meeting relatives, then I go on a quick, culture-filled tour of Eastern South Korea.

And the Teaching Begins!

I finally get to meet my students and start my teaching adventure! 🙂
(PS – that picture is the USA as a whale. My students drew it because they think America is shaped like a whale, haha)

Seoul Weekend!

Busy week including our graduation ceremony, weekend trip to Seoul, and a little down time with some face masks!

24 Hours at a Buddhist Temple

Wow, lots has happened since my last update! Literally 2 hours after I made my last post, my class found out that our teacher was leaving us – so sad!! We had a class dinner and she broke the news to us. We had been told that two of the 선생님 would be leaving due to…